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Our Services

Thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities we can provide a full spectrum of services at
competitive prices.

Door to door Rug Cleaning

The professional rug wash embraces many specialised steps that are not provided by wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Over the last 35 years we have been developing and improving this procedure to achieve the best results possible. Our professional cleaning can be executed on any type of rugs including persian, oriental, antique, contemporary, silk, wool, synthetic rugs, and much more.

rug cleaning machine
The benefits of specialist rug cleaning are, among others:

- Full immersion rug wash
- Removing house dust mites
- Odour neutralising
- Stain removal
- Applying Scotchgard protector
- Completely dry and fresh rugs
- Free lifting and laying of rugs
- Free collection and delivery

rug repairing
Rug repairing

If your rug is damaged due to factors like discoloration, burns and daily wear and tear, you might have to consider a rug repair. At RugCleanic we offer different carpet and rug repairs including: carpet or rug cuttid binding, carpet or rug resurging, and rug refringing. We always repair hand woven rugs by hand.


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